Top Bloggers/Snapchat

I have only actually been using Snapchat since September 2013 and only followed friend at college and back home.

However in the past 18 months I have started to follow more and more “Irish Celebrity Snapchaters” and I love the fact that they let you into every little aspect of their lives. While I must admit I would never be able to expose myself like that for fear of something bad happening to me. So here is a list of people I watch everyday no matter what. I am also adding this article from who have 50 recommended snapchatters to follow.

  1. Doireann Garrihy(DG19592Untitled18

She is a gas women simple as. She makes me laugh and howl at times when watching her daily snaps about her life and her job at Spin. Her mother Claire is also famous for teaching the people of Ireland how to make Dzealious Queen Cakes with her  4,4,6 and 2 Recipe. A great laugh and lovely person

2. Ellen Kavanagh Jones (Waxpertsellen) Untitled18

Ellen is a women after my own heart. She is so genunie and a lovely person who is also an amazing Mammy to Cooper and Cool Step Mother to her Husband Conrad’s 4 Children. Ellen makes me laugh with her morning drives to dropping off Cooper at creche “Hi Everybody Hi “. You can visit Ellens Waxpert Company here:

3. Lisa Jordan (JustJordan)Untitled18

I’m Weak, Gurl, Are You Able? Roosters, Isn’t that Right P? These are some of the funniest things you will hear this Cork Beauty talk about on her SnapChat daily. She is a new mother to baby Pearl, who is just the cutest and talks everything from Fashion to Beauty to lifestyle to her love for Food. Follow her website here:

4. Lorna (LC’s Closet) Untitled18

I have only really started following Lorna since last November, but I think she is an inspiring person, living over in New York. Originality from Mayo, she has a Bachelor Degree, Masters and a PHD and is not even 28 yet! Go follow her for random insightful facts about New York and why the Empire State Building changes it colours every night for something special.


5. Leah Cull (leahcull) Untitled18

This Roscommon Girl is an amazing Make Up Artist based in Carrick on Shannon. Her winged eye liner is always on point and is just a beautiful girl inside and out. She is very soft spoken and really knows what she is talking about. Give her a follow for Summer Festive Looks, Soft Grad Looks and everyday makeup.

6. Jennifer Wrynne (jenniferwrynne) Untitled18

A Leitrim Women taking the Millinery world by storm. This young lady has been to every horse racing festive you can name and is always among the best dress ladies. A milliner by trade, fashion by heart, she recently opened her own boutique in Powerscourt Shopping Centre. Taking after her Mother, Mary, who has dress many Irish Hotels and Homes with her handmade Curtains, there is No Stopping Jennifer in all her success.


7. Samantha Mulvey (Samanthalovesxo)

Rounding off my favourite snapchatter/bloggersUntitled18 is actually a college friend Samantha. This girl can light up any room just with her smile and laugh. New to blogging and snapchatting, she is clearly making a name for herself on the Dublin Social Scene. Follow her for countless shopping deliveries and chats with her dog Millie (who is an attention seeker)


So that is the top 7 people I follow on a daily basis. I will be sure to add more to the list as time goes on . Peace Out 


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