Current Beauty Favourites

So like most girls, I love all beauty related products and will try everything at least once. I am always on the lookout for bargains especially when new products launch on the market. Boots usually always have different price offers on their product and when you have a Boots Advantage Card its always a win win situation.

Cocoa Brown is a top selling tanning product amongst Irish people both here and aboard. Marissa Carter is the beauty and the brains behind the ever expanding brand. Launched in November 2012, Cocoa Brown has developed 8 sister products, with many more in the pipeline to suit different types of tanners and non-tanners alike.


I actually had the pleasure of meeting Marissa back in February 2014, while I worked as an intern in Enterprise Ireland. I have literally have tried all the Cocoa Brown products and hands down Gentle Bronze is my favourite all time tan all year round.Image result for cocoa brown gentle bronze





Next up on my favourites list is L’Oreal Pure Clay Masks, which come in 3 different types
– Detox , Glow and Purify. Face Masks have become popular since mid 2015, with
multimasking been a firm favourite of beauty bloggers in 2016.  These masks are a mid price range product and a good dupe for Glam Glow masks.

Image result for l'oreal clay mask

I have 2 of these masks- Detox and Glow, which I got in Boots when they were on special offer when they first launch. Since then they have introduced a new face wash mask, which you can use daily. My only downfall with these masks, particularly the Detox one, which is mainly down to its colour, is that it leaves a dirty mark in the sink, while washing your face.

Some people know that one of my really good friends actually works for L’Oreal, as an Intern in their Dublin Office, and before you ask, NO, I don’t sponge off her or get loads of free samples, sometimes if she has multiples she says take some, otherwise they are going to waste. One particular brand she works with on a daily basis is Garnier, which I actually love the smell of so much.

Garnier comes under the L’Oreal umbrella, and  I am particularly loving at the moment the Moisture Bomb tissue mask and skin care products.  The tissue masks are also Very Cheap and cost under €2, great for all budgets and can be found in pharmacies, your local supermarket and in some high street stores like Penneys/ Primark.Image result for garnier moisture bomb mask

Also I want to take a moment, to say that a favourite beauty product I go back to time and time again is Sudocrem. A firm favourite of when I was in nappies, all them years ago, right through my 14 years of school education, which followed into my academic education, and I still have it on my bedside locker at this present moment.  It is a product which cures and fixes everything from cuts to nappy rash to breakouts on your face. A simple transparent everyday product used by all generations for under a tenner.

Image result for sudocrem




One thought on “Current Beauty Favourites

  1. I’m definitely looking to give those l’oreal masks a go! And, thank you for looking out for our post-mask sink cleanliness (I had a mask that would leave residue in my sink, and it took me like 3 uses to find out why my sink was beginning to look kind of dingy)!


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