Dear 16 Year Old Me

You will be a bright bubbly person who is also confident and isn’t afraid to put up a good fight.

You will follow a different path compared to your school peers, but that is alright as this will give you some new more exciting opportunities.

You will cut your hair several times and will never be fully happy with it. The messy hun bun will save your bacon many’s an early college morning.

By the time you are 24, you will have worked in many different places- A chipper, a hotel ( Which you got fried from as you didn’t have good customer service- their words, but jokes on them) worked in SuperValu, which you hated, felt appreciated and loved by everyone in Enterprise Ireland and spent nearly 3 years working as both a cash office assistant and retail associate, all while achieving a good leaving cert, graduating with a BBA in Business and Management and attained the top university in Ireland, which is also ranked no.29th in the world while getting a high 2.1 in MSc Marketing. You Go Girl !!

While the friends you make in school are fine, you will soon realise that you have each out grown one another and make new life long friends in college. That is what matters more now.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t succeed or something doesn’t go you way. You will learn from your mistakes which will make you a more confident leader and allow yourself to improve and trust yourself more.

You will have an iPhone and curse it every time its battery dies and will feel lost without it when it stops working and you have to do the dreaded iTunes restore and factory resetting. Back it all the time or you will deeply regret it.

16 Year Old Me- Have fun, enjoy life, don’t be too hard on yourself, opportunities will come and go and you will always know which road to follow even if it takes longer than the others.


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