Where to Now?

When I was doing my leaving cert, all my teachers would say I was so bright and good things would happen to me. I wanted to be a teacher for as long as I could remember, and would line all my teddies and dolls up and make them do their homework every evening. I loved school and learning new elements every day. Some days I would even do my brothers home even though he was 2 years ahead of me.
When I actually got my leaving cert results and after the whole trauma of both the principle and vice principle adding up my marks work, I had to re-evaluate my life and where I was going next. The thought of repeating my leaving cert did cross my mind, but a wise old women said to me “What’s for you won’t pass you”. So I continued on my journey and ended up in college in Maynooth where I attained a BBA in Business and Management after 4 years of hard work long nights and number pep talks with myself saying I would reach the end goal and not loss hope of everything I had accomplished so far.
This year while doing my Masters at UCD Smurfit really allowed me to delve further into where I want to go now and how to achieve this incredible dream I have. I believe in myself and now known I can trust myself and reach all capabilities I set my mind to no matter how big or small they may be.

While I have applied to many jobs and rejection emails keep piling up, I haven’t lost all hope. I know that there is a plan out there for me and I just had to find it and follow it. I have learnt so much from doing up my CV after achieving or accomplishing anything and how to get your cover letter to stand out from the crowd while landing yourself an interview.
Please also note I know people keep saying that Digital CVs are the way forward, I’m a traditional gal and like to keep it old school.
1. A simply short bio about yourself is good as it lets the potential employer known who you are and what your abilities are whole also showing off some of your personality i.e. Graduate of …, euthanistic, bubbly.
2. Everything that goes into a CV should be 100% honest and be an exact mirror of you. No point saying you are an accomplished mountain climber when you are scared of heights
3. One thing I have learnt over the years is how important spelling and grammar is. Make use of spell check and proof reading on your laptop. Also a trick I always do before sending off my cv is read it backwards, that way you will see mistakes and be able to rectify them.
4. Use good strong English, which is to the point and easy to understand
5. Always keep updating your CV and save it as a word document and also as a PDF, while saving in the cloud and on your laptop.
1. Use key buzz words to make your cover letter interesting while also showing off your own personality
2. Keep it simple and short. Your cover letter should explain in 3 points while you are applying for the job
3. Have a template which you stick to somewhat. This will make it easier when submitting to different companies, as you may only have to tweak or change a few minor details.
4. Use the same style of writing for your cv and cover i.e. Same front, spacing and colour of you chose to add a colour for text illustration
5. I have used my cover letter before as a contact for potential employers to contact me. Simply adding a phone number or an email address can help aid in the recruiting process of an interview.
1. Interviews are very difficult and nerve wrecking situations. Before I go into an interview I usually try and tell myself to calm down by telling myself I am capable for whatever may come my way. Getting an interview is half the battle.
2. Always sit up straight, wear a smile on your face and look confident. (Fake it till you make it)
3. Regards what to wear to an interview, business formal attire is necessary. While you might not feel the most comfortable, it will give off a sense of leadership and confidence. I would recommend wearing something you feel relaxed in and girls if you can’t walk in high heels, maybe leave them at home. Once you land the job, you can always showcase your style.
4. Have some small talk usually about the weather or how you got to the interview today. This will help ease your nerves and show that you are very easy going to the interviewer. Remember they might be nervous also so don’t worry too much about it just try to keep yourself calm. Whenever I get nervous I count to 10 and try control my breathing, reciting the alphabet also helps me.

5. Before going to the interview do a quick google search and find out more about the company. Often they will have links to their social media accounts, which might be a good talking point in the interview.


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